The applicant warrants and represents that all statements herein are true and promises to execute, upon presentation, a lease in the usual form and on the terms and conditions stated

The applicant hereby grants permission to carry out necessary credit checks to verity the information contained in the application. Furthermore, applicant understands that an investigative consumer report will be obtained which may include information about personal character and criminal records. Applicant agrees that the information set forth on the application is true and complete, and any misrepresentation on this application will constitute a default under the Lease or Rental Agreement between the parties.

The deposit taken with this application is to be applied to the Security Deposit. If the applicant fails to execute a lease, then the deposit shall be retained by the owner as liquidated damages. However, the owner will refund the deposit if the application is rejected.

A breach of the above warranty regarding the veracity of any statements made herein releases the owner from all obligations and liabilities arising from either this agreement or a subsequent lease. This application and deposit are taken subject to previous applications and shall be acted upon within 10 days.

The rental agent is only authorized to show the apartment for rent and has no authority to make any representations concerning the premises.